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Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit

Founded in 1985, offers a wide array of intervention, assessment, referral, case management and information services to the Lehigh Valley community. Taking our cue from Cicero’s classical exhortation to wisdom- The Hortensius (Founding name of the Intake Unit), we have gathered a staff proficient in bringing insights and fresh perspectives into the lives of our clients.

The Intake Staff has developed a strong professional awareness of human services resources. Years of intervention and case management demands have taught us to know what help is available and how this can best be served for a needy client. At the same time, we function as an arm of the County in advocating a healthier and safer social climate.

The Intake Unit serves as a vital source of drug and alcohol information for Lehigh Valley residents. Besides answering telephone inquiries and distributing printed literature, the Intake Staff provide presentations to local groups, as well as in-services to professionals in the field.
The Intake Unit is a member of the Lehigh Valley Care Association and DASPOP (Drug/Alcohol Service Providers of Pennsylvania)

What to Do If You Have a Problem with Drugs
Admitting you have a problem is one of the hardest things a person could ever face in his or her life. This resource can help people overcome that hurdle.
National Institute on Drug Abuse

10 Reasons To Stay Sober
Even when it feels like life is kicking your ass.
Beth Leipholtz
the fix

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Treatment Providers

Resource List Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers-Northampton County (updated 2015)

Bethlehem Recovery Center
Abstinence from addiction is only the beginning.

Change On 3rd Street
The newest Resource Center in the Lehigh Valley

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Behavioral health hospital pitched for Center Street, Bethlehem
Acadia Healthcare, which runs addiction and mental health facilities across the country, has submitted plans for an 80-bed behavioral health hospital near Center and Dewberry streets
Nicole Radzievech
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Commentary: Alternative to Opioids - A Pain Doctor's Perspective
Taking narcotics for pain is no different than putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound…
Corey W. Hunter MD
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Some People Use Diarrhea Drug to Manage Opioid Withdrawal, With Deadly Results
"Because of its low cost, ease of accessibility and legal status, it's a drug that is very, very ripe for abuse"
Join Together Staff
Join Together

Youth Perception of Marijuana Harm Decreases as "710" Becomes More Potent
Although marijuana use among youth poses a risk to health, nationally only 1 in 5 adolescents perceived it as such. This misperception among youth exists at a time when marijuana concentrates continue to become more potent.

Morganelli, McNeill Take Aim at Heroin Epidemic
"These kids on heroin are not criminals," he said."This has become a sickness."
Bernie O'Hare
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