Gateway To Treatment

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Substantively, the Intake Unit functions as a gateway to treatment for all alcohol or drug troubled residents of Northampton county, including those actively involved in the criminal justice system (probation, parole, DUI, etc.).

Appointments for assessments and referrals to treatment are obtainable by phone or walk-in and can usually be scheduled within seventy-two hours. The administrative assistant makes arrangements for the evaluation interviews, which are conducted in English or Spanish. The Intake unit is wheelchair accessible.

Intake staff works closely with the full array of human service agencies in the Lehigh Valley area. Approximately 60% of the intake clients are referred from this source. The remaining 40% of clients are self-referrals or family- recommended. Assessment encounters usually result in referral to drug/alcohol treatment facilities- inpatient or outpatient counseling.
The Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit serves as the drug and alcohol liaison to Student Assistance Teams in Northampton County. The Intake Unit follows up on the school's identification of students who may be at risk for the use/abuse of alcohol and other mood altering chemicals.

The adolescent may be involved with the criminal justice system or other County related services, although this is not a necessity to obtain services. These at-risk students are then referred to the Intake Unit for a drug and alcohol evaluation. Other adolescent referrals come from human services agencies, community agencies and concerned family members.

The Intake Unit requests County funding for those clients who would otherwise be unable to afford counseling or treatment.