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Jenny Price

Mrs. Price is an Assessment Specialist at the Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit. She will complete assessments with clients and determine their level of care. When Mrs. Price conducts her assessments, she is able to relate to the client. She connects to the client on a level of understanding where they are coming from because Mrs. Price has been in recovery for almost 10 years. In these 10 years she has stayed sober by attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meetings, communicating with her sponsor, and her husband is in recovery which allows her to have the positive support from him and she is able to be a positive person for him as well.

Mrs. Price recognized that she needed help when her family approached her. She had an intervention with her family that made her look at things differently. Mrs. Price was able to recognize the problem and at that moment she knew she was ready to get help. Sobriety has opened up a lot of new doors for her. She is able to experience traveling with her family, hold a job, have people trust her, and maintain good relationships with the people in her life.

Mrs. Price believes that her career chose her. If she wasn’t in recovery, she wouldn’t have an interest in the drug and alcohol field. She wants to share the experience she has had with others. Mrs. Price is able to relate to clients on a level that allows the client to feel more comfortable about opening up. At times, Mrs. Price thought that there was no way out of her addiction, and the most impactful thing in her life was AA. AA showed that there is hope.
June 2019

Ray Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is a Drug and Alcohol Case Manager at Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit. Some of the tasks that he will do include finding bed’s for client’s who are in need of inpatient treatment, pre-certifications for insurance purposes, and complete assessments when needed. He works at the Bethlehem Recovery Center as well.

Mr. Gonzalez is in recovery and he has been in recovery for 16 years and 8 months. Things that he does to stay sober are attend 12 step meetings, keep in contact with his sponsor, and he is a proud father so he enjoys taking caring of his children. Over 16 years ago, Mr. Gonzalez wanted to get help. He was tired of living a life as being dependent and he wanted to step up and be a father to his children. Sobriety has given Mr. Gonzalez a different view on life. He looks at things a lot differently and appreciates life more.

Mr. Gonzalez chose this career because he received words of encouragement throughout his recovery that he would be a good fit in the drug and alcohol field. He got his foot in the door and he loves what he does!
June 2019